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How many times have you set a fitness goal at the beginning of the year only to fail because of a lack of knowledge, motivation or support to see it through?  The UBC is your resolution solution because it gives you a step-by-step approach to fitness by combining fitness kickboxing, resistance training, flexibility and an easy to follow nutritional program.  What makes the UBC fun and unique is you aren’t doing it alone.  You’ll have a team of coaches, instructors and teammates giving you all the support you need to stay on track.  So, this year, take 12 weeks to make you resolution a reality!  We also have a UBC for kids and a separate UBC 5-Week Weight Loss Course.  

Tiny Tigers

“I promise: To be a good person, with knowledge in my mind, honesty in my heart, strength in my body, to make good friends, and, I will become a black belt leader”.  This is the Tiny Tigers Oath that is recited at the beginning and ending of each class at the school.  This program allows Tiny Tigers to feel engaged with the program curriculum, foundations, and basic skills.  It provides strong visual cues to help them align with their achievements and goals.  It uses new Tiger characters which have a distinctive personality used to help teach life lessons to Tiger students.  The names of each Tiger character and corresponding personality are:  Ara:  Means the sea – shy, sweet, innocent.  Baeoh:  Means the flying tiger – fun, outgoing, a good friend to have.  Cheeri:  Means to defend – smart, strict, very hard on herself.  Raon:  Means active lion – athletic, strong, and competitive.  Suri:  Means eagle – works very hard, wants to please, self-conscious about his size.  Choa:  Means light the world – pretty, outgoing, stronger than she gives herself credit for.  Mir:  Means dragon – intelligent, a little nerdy, loyal.  Naesha:  Means flying high – strong will, self confident, determined.  Baron:  Means right – leader, physically and mentally fit, might lean towards too serious sometimes.  This program has Tiger belts, Rank T-shirts, Patches, Headbands, and Life Skill Books.


Welcome to your journey in SongAhm Taekwondo.  Are you ready for a new challenge?  With ATA Black Belt Academy of Virginia and American Taekwondo Association (ATA) training in our school you will experience all that martial arts has to offer.  From elite training, fundamental techniques, leadership, kickboxing, to basic and advanced life skills training, you will be provided with close personalized training that goes beyond anything you have ever experienced in a learning environment.  As you journey through SongAhm Taekwondo, you will focus on physical fitness and agility, self-defense skills, as well as personal development of the mind and body.  From ages 3 into the 90’s, ATA martial arts programs offer something for each and every person.  Whether you look to have fun while learning something new or follow a path all the way to black belt and beyond, you and your entire family can enjoy all the benefits of membership in our school.


The LEADERSHIP Program give exceptional students a foundation in which the leaders of tomorrow will be trained with the highest of standards.  It offers students personal development through advanced training programs that will accelerate their martial arts skills, as well as valuable life skill lessons that they will apply daily, inside and outside the classroom.  Teaching students to find their own strengths, be disciplined in their actions and develop a “Yes I Can” attitude are just a few of the benefits that will equip them to meet the challenges of leadership.  Great leaders share their vision, passion, and knowledge with others.  The LEGACY Program.  When we find a student that possesses the qualities of great leader and has what it takes to rise a step above the Leadership program – the ATA Legacy Program will take these students to new heights in their martial arts training, character development, and managerial skills to assist in the next steps to success!  This is the ATA’s most premier program that will define the road between Leadership and Mastership. Opportunities are provided to develop the qualities needed to create your own legacy whether it is in the martial arts or any other career path you choose.