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Benefits of Training in Taekwondo as a Child

1. Well documented with a lot of scientific and psychological research to support it. 2. Helps children learn about the value of hard work, discipline, integrity, and social skills while building an excellent foundation for active living. 3. Growing up in Taekwondo class helps a child succeed in the long term as an adult. 4. Taekwondo class requires a lot of cooperation. Drills are frequently done in pairs, as is sparring where there is a need to give, constructive feedback, while being able to take criticism. Imperative to improve Taekwondo techniques. 5. Learning to work well with others at a young age helps students succeed in both school and in the workplace. The balance of being self-driven to further your practice, while not being afraid to give and take support from your peers, helps in many life situations. 6. The focus on integrity helps shape kids into becoming model citizens, once they reach adulthood. Students learn from the instructor wisdom and morality, setting them up to become good role models and mentors for the generation after them. 7. Delayed gratification and self-discipline are two big makers for long term succeed. These are learned and reinforced in every Taekwondo class. Both are required in their journey towards black belt. 8. The belt level system gives children and adults a lengthy view of what hard work and perseverance can do. Each level has a distinct set of criteria to master, if one wants to reach the next belt. It requires not only commitment but also long-term dedication, as it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 years to achieve this rank. 9. The rank system and long-term thinking acts to give students a strong sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem, while they earn their stripes and belts. 10. Taekwondo training also helps children learn better in school allowing them to develop stronger academic skills than if they had not trained in taekwondo. 11. Health benefits of taekwondo physical activity are numerous for children. It strengthens bones, improves energy levels, enhances emotional well- - 2 - being, controls weight, and assists in strengthening the heart, and hand and eye coordination. 12. It assists in building team working skills as well as a plethora of life lessons and philosophies. 13. Students learn to understand the gravity of physical force. Learning to be a true martial artist means understanding that violence is a last resort. 14. Students may feel safer in the streets and be able to defend themselves, if necessary. 15. Students are taught breathing and mindfulness techniques that help diffuse stressful situations. 16. Taekwondo training is incredibly good for mental health and strength that helps get you through difficult times that may come up throughout life.

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